About Tim Picciott

As a Wealth Advisor / Economist

For many years, Americans had the comfort of job security, generous retirement benefits in the workplace, and trusted that social security would always be there… and that those checks would actually have purchasing power.

Early on I knew someone could be the most knowledgeable person in their field or the best person in the world at their profession… but if they didn’t know how to manage money, then it would be all for naught.

For nearly 10 years, I’ve helped individuals plan for their retirements by first listening to their goals and then implementing actions to take the least amount of risk to achieve those goals.

My areas of specialty include: Charitable giving strategies, Retirement income planning and Investment planning.


-CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Obtained at the age of 25



-President of FocalPoint Wealth Management 2015- Present : Built a business with over 6 figures of recurring revenue only 1.5 years after starting my business.

-Waddell & Reed 2008-2015

Was the team leader for the financial stocks. The students who inherited this fund from the graduating seniors including myself greatly outperformed the S&P 500 during the financial crisis by keeping our large treasury allocation we moved the fund to in the months leading up to the great recession.

-Federal Reserve: Was in the class that won the national competition known as the FED Challenge. While I wasn’t on the team for scheduling reasons (waterpolo), I was in the select class that prepared my classmates to take down the likes of: Harvard, Yale and MIT. Since graduation I have become an expert on the Federal Reserve system and how central banking is modern day slavery.

-Retirement Dangers: Well versed in all the various retirement dangers. Comprehensive site coming soon but in the meantime please check out www.sequenceofreturnrisk.com

As a political commentator

In late August 2016, I was FED up with the Libertarian Party and wanted to stop Hillary Clinton at all costs. After only two months, I had grown my facebook page to over 30,000 followers in the quest of exposing Hillary’s numerous crimes, lies and other malfeasances.

By the week of the election, I was reaching over 1 million people per week organically. I appeared on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock numerous times before the election to help spread the message.

I have since Launched a blog, podcast and e book “How it’s Rigged –The Economy” to help expose the false left right paradigm.

The Libertarian Advisor uses his passion and strong knowledge of Finance, Austrian Economics, Monetary History, Geo-Politics and Small Government ideals; to wake people to the corrupt system they are currently consenting to.
This site is interested in exposing: the false left-right paradigm, media double standards, lying politicians, while investigating the money angle behind the important issues.

Oh and did I mention I had a meme entitled “Fake News” go viral over 2 months before POTUS used the phrase

As a Lifesaver

Epic open water rescue at Lake Pleasant